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I was quite alarmed when reading the side effects of Parkinson’s drugs. I can’t think of a time where I have ever had hallucinations.

I have had had lots of bad dreams, but never so consistently and certainly not as violent, creepy and mildly frightening. I have also started to talk a lot in my sleep, sometimes whispers, other times shouting loudly.

Now I find myself karate kicking what appeared to be a ghost in my bedroom or shouting out loudly in the middle of the night as I was being attacked by a scary yellow thing.

But far from being terrified, I actually enjoy them.

I believe I have seen three ghosts, two in our house in London and one in my sister’s house in the west country.

I have been longing to see a ghost since I was about 10 years old.

Both the ghosts in London were male, one a small boy one walked past my side of the bed, the other, some weeks later stood staring at me in a malevolent way so I told him politely to leave (while aiming a wild lunge with my foot in his direction), which he did.

However the best experience was in my sister’s house, which is pretty old and seen a few adventures over the years. I woke to see a woman walking from the bedroom door, along the end of our bed disappearing into the curtains. I can’t be sure but it has stuck with me as being real, the fabric of her Victorian dress (black) rustled and crunched as she moved, I am pretty certain there was a slight ruffle in the air.

People have suggested that it may help to go with the flow with these kind of experiences and not to let them get on top of you, I have made that decision and it helps - in a bizarre way it is quite fun.

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Unknown member
Feb 09, 2023

Is there support for the partners of Parkinsons' sufferers? It must be quite disturbing for them too?!😉


Feb 03, 2023

Giles is the same. I am often woken by his grabbing me in a vice like grip as he tries to prevent me falling off a cliff, or rescues me from some hideous danger. Also frequently woken by shouting, thrashing about, kicking and talking gibberish. Then he tells me in the morning that it was me who woke him up, crying for help!

Patrick Mills
Patrick Mills
Feb 03, 2023
Replying to

Apparently I often have long whispered conversations too

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