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Clearly I am becoming extraordinarily dull in talking about the importance of routine when one has Parkies.

But in truth routine is vital, particularly when I take fistfuls of drugs everyday.

I forgot my night time slow release pills when we went on holiday. The effect was pronounced the first morning, and on subsequent mornings, I felt very wobbly, twitchy, jerky and struggled to articulate my words.

Luckily we were in the UK so I did get a prescription sent to Dorset, only it was for the wrong drugs. By the time the right ones arrived I picked them up as we went home. I felt the after effects for at least a week.

And subsequently my next two prescriptions went to Dorset.

My admin skills are always compromised these days.

Talking of which, admin was so much part of my working life: daily to do lists, ranking tasks in order of importance and urgency, timelines, estimates, meetings. Now however I find the simplest admin task quite difficult - and more often than not I forget what I am doing. It gets me in a right old muddle.

To this end I loaded everything I need to do or attend onto my phone with alarms and endless reminders, however I am prone to use up the 15 minute warning alarm by getting involved in something else, which is annoying especially if it is an important appointment.

So in the end I think to do lists are better written with a nice pen, in an overpriced note book, and you can put a line through things that are completed.

And I religiously clean my teeth twice a day. And have a handy seven days plastic box (with lids so tight I can hardly open them with shaky hands) for my daily meds.

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1 Comment

Sep 07, 2023

I love that feeling when you cross a task off!

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