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April is World Parkinson's Awareness Month.

On Tuesday 11th April those with Parkinson's and their friends, families, carers, doctors, nurses, consultants, physios and exercise specialists will be raising awareness of the disease with the sit2stand challenge.

sit2stand patrickonparkinsons

It is very simple to do (see above): you sit on a chair and stand up, then sit down, then stand up, sit, stand, sit, stand etc.. as quickly as possible for one minute. Then repeat as many times during the day that you can manage (eg. once an hour from 8am to 8pm). It is quite tough, but very good exercise. Don't forget to write down how many sit2stands you do during the minute, then log your achievement at the website below. Globally, the aim is to record one million sit2stands, feel free to join in.

A bit more about the challenge:

More about Stand up to Parkinson's and how to register your sit2stands

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11 apr 2023

Okay so I did this today. I could not emulate the high standards depicted in the example above. 61 in one minute???!! My best was 23. I totalled 159 because I forgot a few times, and someone else did one minute with me so I snuck in their score. That was fun, I should do it everyday, it's a good workout somehow!

Mi piace

08 apr 2023

This is great, I'm gonna do it!

Mi piace
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